Cambodia in the News

Hun Sen not Against Monarchy
The Sam Rainsy Party and its affiliated electronic media often accused Prime Minister Hun Sen of being against the monarchy. If this indeed is the case, how then would the new King been put on the throne, let alone the swift passing of the throne council law and the election of the new King. Sam Rainsy shouldn't hoodwink the people by making accusations based on his imaginations. Analyst recall with horror the works of Sam Rainsy's later father, Sam Sary @ NGUYEN YANG SAM who worked relentlessly to undermine then Prince Sihanouk. Rainsy and his father shared one common objective – to bring down the monarchy. Rainsy is determined to bring a Cambodian Republic into being with the assistance of the IRI and the NDI and will stop at no end to achieve this mission.


IRI/NDI Intervention and Interference
Too often history begins the moment foreign institutions or other international representative like the IRI and the NDI appear on the domestic political scene under the guise of a non governmental organization. What this points to is the need to be sensitive to the context in which the NGO's like the IRI and the NDI are operating, and not to assume anything based on experiences elsewhere in the region or preconceived notions gathered from the western media or demagogic politicians who are just out to create political instability in the name of democracy. Though the IRI and the NDI claim to be guests and were not trying to undermine the sovereignty of anybody, their activities and their close association with the SRP and the CCHR are clear evidence to the contrary. The IRI and the NDI should not live the hospitality of the host country in which they are working and against which they are plotting. The actions tantamount to violating the sovereignty of Cambodia and also the charter under which they are authorized to operate in.

Regime Change and IRI/SRP

Cambodians and the world remember all too well the last time Cambodia was a sideshow to U.S. policy and its advocacy of regime change. Back then, it was Kissinger and Nixon fomenting regime change: Cambodians still haven't recovered. Now, the IRI, the NDI backing the CCHR and the Sam Rainsy Party are walking the same path again – the path of regime change at any cost. The people of Cambodia do not want regime change and they have indicated this in the 2003 general election.
The IRI, NDI ands their stooges, CCHR's Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy are no angels swooping down on Cambodia on the wings of the IRI and the NDI to bring about democratic change in Cambodia. On the contrary, they are moving at dragging the country into turmoil and instability, the likes of which Cambodians remember all too well. After all, if the United States policy of regime change was not executed some 30 years ago, then Prince Sihanouk would not have been ousted in a US engineered coup, Pol Pot would not have come to power and millions of Cambodians would not have been senseless and mercilessly slaughtered and the world at large would not have had to remain silent on the enormous atrocities committed then. Advocates of regime change seem to have forgotten history and Sam Rainsy, in his haste to re-write history, is walking down the same path of destruction and instability for the country.