Cambodia in the News

SRP to train with IRI to Create Instability

The IRI cannot seem to stop meddling in Cambodian politics. It is time for the relevant authorities to consider IRI's operations here and also the laws under which they are to abide. SRP's statement that their Members of Parliaments are to train with the IRI, indicate one point clearly: That they are out to learn the art of creating instability, the IRI way. In the process, they will attempt to do what the IRI tried to do in Venezuela : effecting regime change which the masses did not want nor accept. The result – the coup organized and executed by the IRI against the Venezuelan President was over-turned by people power. The IRI was compelled to concede its cathartic attempt at this regime change amidst overwhelming embarrassment. Analysts wonder whether the SRP, acting under the instructions of the IRI, intends to be a stooge to plunge the country back into political and security instability, which inevitably brings economic downturn and financial crises. What is the role of the IRI, the NDI and the CCHR? Are they non governmental organizations or are they a political block whose objective is to bring strive and discord to Cambodians? The competent authorities should carefully scrutinize the IRI's activities and take immediate remedial action before the winds of doom descend on Cambodia.

No Deprivation – Just democracy in Action

The SRP claimed in a statement that the formation of the Royal Government saw a removal of all opposition members of parliament from all National Assembly Committees. It also insinuated that such deprivation of the opposition roles in the Committees was a severe violation of the democracy and the minority rights in the Parliament. Analysts wonder why the SRP keeps harping on this issue for the past four months when it had failed to recognize the formation of the National Assembly which in turn led to the formation of the various national Assembly Committees. The SRP by boycotting the sessions which created the National Assembly and the Royal Government had automatically forfeited its opportunity to be represented in the said Committees. Thus, this means that the SRP was not deprived but on the contrary, had had deprived the masses who had voted for the party by failing to represent their interests in the National Assembly. Again, analysts point out that in a democracy, the wishes and desires of the noisy minority cannot and should never be allowed to overwhelm the desires of the silent majority.

Case in point is the US Presidential elections where the Democrats had noisy and seemingly popular rallies against the Republicans but yet they lost all aspects of the elections: the fight for the Presidency, the Electoral college, the Popular Vote, the Senate and the Congress. Did the Democrats cry foul – NO. They conceded and threw their support for the elected President. In Cambodia, the defeated party hijacked the electoral process and held hostage the formation of the new legislature and executive for a year. This is not the democracy which Cambodia needs.

IRI's Opinion Polls

An opposition backed electronic media had reported that a 'Scientifically Conducted' Opinion Poll on political preference in January 2004 showed among other things, the popularity of the main political leaders in Cambodia, as perceived and concluded by the IRI. However, Sam Rainsy had concluded controversially that the opinion at that time, as claimed by the IRI, was based on the supposed popularity of the so-called Alliance of Democrats. Sam Rainsy is also hoping that a new opinion poll to be carried out by the IRI in January 2005 will paint a different picture, taking into consideration the political landscape after the formation of the 3rd mandate of the Royal Government in July 2004. What he had failed to take into consideration is the masses rising disappointment in Sam Rainsy and the SRP as a political entity and the increasing levels of disillusionment. Furthermore, the US Presidential Elections has shown clearly that Opinion Polls does not represent the opinion of the majority but that of the carefully targeted sampling minority. Thus, opinion polls are just that: 'Opinion' which does not form any conclusion.