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Unilateralism at its Peak
Institutions which are supposed to work with the Government to bring about are on the contrary, using the SRP to highlight their unilateral reports. These institutions include the USAID, the World Bank, Global Witness (whose contract as a forest monitor was terminated) and the IRI, which manipulates data to discredit the Government. With the much awaited Consultative Group (CG) meeting looming around the corner, institutions and organizations which are supposed to help Cambodia in multi-lateral forms are instead, releasing unilateral reports which severely criticizes the Government. These reports are being manipulated and misrepresented by demagogic politicians such as Sam Rainsy and institutions such as the IRI to further destabilize the economic stability of the country. Institutions like the IRI work with the SRP and the CCHR to create political instability in the name of regime change. Their agent provocateurs work with the SRP to create political deadlocks after an elections are meant to stifle stability while strangling and hijacking the electoral process. These activities are gross violations of the country's laws and regulations. Institutions such as the IRI, which claim that the government practices impunity, are abetting impunity by violating Cambodia's sovereignty.

Organizations Abetting Corruption

The international organizations, both governmental and non governmental lambastes and accuse the Government of corruption and doing nothing to control it or eliminate it. Yet, the very institutions which make these accusations, condone corruption and in fact, fuel it and as such, become collaborators for corrupt activities and practices.
When those who seek information are willing to pay, and often offer financial rewards for sensitive government information, then, they too are guilty of corruption. It is plain and simple – organizations which accuse the Government of corruption and taking no steps to arrest this problem, are also party to the corruption pandemic. They seek to intimidate, offer incentives and other forms of persuasion to get information from poorly paid Government staffers.
They even pay officials to become their agents, collaborators and subsequently, anti-government activists. Then, on obtaining the information, they use it to accuse and criticize the Government. Accusations of corruption are being made unilaterally and based on information obtained from parties who would rather offer and make a bribe rather than follow the law. As such, organizations and institutions should thread carefully on the subject of corruption as they too, have been found to be corrupt in their dealings and activities.

Lifestyle of the NGO officials

While accusing Cambodian government officials at all levels of being corrupt and making insinuations that the whole society is corrupt, one should take a look at the foreign NGO's who are based in Cambodia and for the matter, any where else in the world. They pay their local staff a pittance while they drive around in land cruisers and other SUV's, not respecting the law, not respecting the local culture and the people. Even their local employees have been thought this arrogance. It is normal to see vehicles with NGO plates running through traffic lights, park dangerously or haphazardly, the occupants behaving in a manner which is disrespectful to the Cambodians, live in luxury villas, spend a large portion of their budget on per diem expenses, living expenses and salaries and yet, churning out reports of reports of Government faults. These faults are often targeted at the CPP. For NGO's to function effectively, they must live like the people they are supposed to help, not like colonial land lords out to give the 'peasant's a helping hand, which in any event is miserly compared to what the NGO staff are enjoying. There are some NGO's which are trying to make a difference to the Cambodian people without indulging in activities which intrude into the sovereignty of Cambodia and its people. Others choose to show decadence and contempt to the Government which allowed them to operate here.


IRI, USAID and the World Bank

The IRI, USAID and the World Bank all have one thing in common; They all criticize the Government of the day, the CPP and praise the SRP. All act unilaterally to make scathing reports on the Government and its inadequacies. The IRI and USAID both support the SRP and the CCHR. The SRP and CCHR, use the cloud provided by the IRI, USAID and the NDI to bitterly accuse the CPP and the Government. Praises are heaped on the SRP, along with financial assistance under the guise of democracy building and training materials. Unilateralism is the rule of the day and the IRI and the NDI are fully involved in violating the sovereignty of Cambodia. Sam Rainsy, the SRP, Kem Sokha and the CCHR are lackeys of the IRI and the NDI. They are out to create a Republic under Sam Rainsy who wishes nothing but to have in his lifetime, the absolute power and the ability to direct people and to bend others to his will. For SRP, guided and assisted strenuously by the IRI and the NDI, power is the matrix that will set the shape of Cambodia to the world that he intends to control through questionable means. Not through democratic means but through regime change as advocated and supported arduously by the IRI and the NDI who do not blink for a moment when violating the rights of people and countries.