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Rainsy's Insanity

In 1994, Sam Rainsy was told by donors at the then ICORC (now replaced by the CG) meeting that they – the donors, will continue to provide aid to Cambodia, irrespective of whether Rainsy was removed from his then position as Finance Minister. Rainsy had ignored them then just as he ignores them now. Donors are right in saying that they dealt with projects and programs and not personalities. Rainsy however failed to take cue of this and continues to heap criticism and scorn on the donors as well as the Royal Government. It was apparent then as it is crystal clear now. Rainsy is a misguided and disillusioned politician. He does not have a political cause. His only objective is to effect regime change, the key phrase used by interfering external individuals and NGO's working under the guise of democracy building. Rainsy's style of politics is one that is destructive and partisan. It is not politics built on consensus. Rainsy's politics will lead to intense political and security instability rather than contribute towards the development of democracy.

Independence and Responsibilities

When Cambodia ushered in its Independence Day on 9th November, one has to look back at the events which had shaped the country to the freedom and peace being enjoyed now. The country is completely at peace. Its populace can travel throughout the country without restriction. Political leaders are free to show disrespect to the King, the legislative or the executive. They are not banned from traveling abroad to insult the leaders and the country. Freedom of speech is evident, along with liberty. These can be seen by the irresponsible statements made by the SRP and Sam Rainsy. However, the democracy which had enabled all of these, has also led to the rise of demagogues such as Sam Rainsy. Rainsy is a


product of this democracy. Yet, he chastises the Government and the donors who provide aid to the country. He also insults the intelligence of the donors who steadfastly deny his request to curtail aid or attach conditions. Democracy is a beautiful thing. However, as Cambodians rejoice their independence, presided by the new King, analysts shudder with the thought of the Cambodia that would be if radical elements like Sam Rainsy were to actually succeed in their mission to bring instability to the country.

Sam Rainsy's many Miscalculations

In 1993, Sam Rainsy tried vehemently but in vain to persuade the President of the FUNCINPEC Party to join ranks with the Khmer Rouge in boycotting the 1993 elections. When he was appointed as the Finance Minister, he tried in vain to prevent ODA from flowing into Cambodia. When the international donors through the ICORC followed by the CG met, he tried repeatedly to sway donors to attach conditions to aid pledges as well as to censor the Government leaders, or to even deny aid to the nation. He planned a boycott of the 1998 and 2003 general elections but eventually participated. He then tried to scuttle the formation of a government for the 2nd mandate in 1998 and then again last year after the 2003 general elections. He showed disrespect to the King, tacitly admitting that he had no basis or substantiated facts for the letter to then King Sihanouk. He had suggested to the monarch that anarchy awaited the King's return, forcing the King to abdicate. He did this on the assumption that the Throne Council Law will not be drafted or passed or that the Throne Council will not be able to elect a new King. All of these have failed. Now he relies on misguided NGOs such as the IRI, NDI and CCHR to do his bidding to destabilize Cambodia politically and economically. His party members are also involved in the formation of illegal armed forces. It would be to the folly of NGO's to continue to support the activities of the SRP and Sam Rainsy. These support do not augur well for the development of democracy in Cambodia. It instead, encourages instability in all sectors, giving devious opportunities to deranged personalities like Sam Rainsy to plunge the country into turmoil.